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ECO Team

The ECO Team consists of well trained and highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our seamless collaboration and teaming model maximizes the resources and flexibility of a variety of individuals and firms. As your needs change, this allows us to quickly access additional qualified personnel, maintain integrity, and keep overhead costs low, which increases your return on investment. We look to model the dynamic balance of cooperation and competition that strengthen collaboration for communities and businesses, providing a fertile ground for new ideas, perspectives and innovation.

Following are a few members of the ECO Team who are available to assist you:

Sandra Davis, Managing Partner
Organizational Development, Governance, Community Resilience, Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic and Risk Communications, Neutral Assessments, Planning, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Coaching

David Sale, Partner
Systems Ecology, Communications, Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement, Environmental and Natural Resource Assessment and Management, Energy Management, Planning


Steve Cosgrove
Public Affairs, Strategic Communications, Risk Communication, Media Relations, Collaboration and Stakeholder Involvement, Social Marketing, Websites

Chris Koser
Mediation, Organizational Development, Facilitation, Crisis Management & Communication, Employee Relations, Executive Conflict Coaching

Julie Bowen
Collaborative Strategic Planning, Organization Development and Leadership, Collaboration and Stakeholder Involvement, Multi-Party Environmental Problem Solving, Coaching, Training, Assessments

Don Johnston
Organization Development and Leadership, Team Building, Coaching, Training, Assessments, Human Resources

Cindy Weeks
Organization Development and Leadership, Team Building, Coaching, Assessments, Training

Doug Nathan
Conflict Resolution Consulting, Mediation, Facilitation, Training, and Leadership Coaching

Colm Kenny
Research, data analysis, plan writing and review, presentation development, workshops, risk communication, stakeholder involvement

Steven Wright
Collaboration and Stakeholder Involvement, Graphic Facilitation and Recording, Design, Planning, Greenscapes

Melinda Posner
Collaboration and Stakeholder Involvement, Community Outreach and Education, Public Relations, Communications

Dr. Scott Miles
Collaboration and Stakeholder Involvement, Joint Fact Finding, Environmental and Natural Resource Management (Modeling)

Gary Lichtenstein
Collaboration and Stakeholder Involvement, Environmental Management and Sustainability, Greenhouse Gas Assessment and Consulting

Heidi Siegelbaum
Environmental Management and Policy, Sustainable Hotels and Tourism

Steve Gersman
Organization Development and Training, Performance Management Systems, Continuous Quality Improvement, Sustainable Hotels and Tourism

Sandra Jones
Coaching, Training, Curriculum Development, Organization Culture Change, Systems Optimization, Employee Involvement

Kathryn Heller
Human Resources, Human Capital Policies and Programs, Conflict Management and Resolution, Mediation, Collaborative Problem Solving

BJ Cummings
Collaboration and Stakeholder Involvement, Community Building, Community Organizing

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