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ECO’s Consulting, Research, Coaching and Training services help you to discover and implement innovative and practical management and technical solutions for your business, agency or community. Our unique approach to Environmental Sustainability, Community Resilience, and Organizational Innovation combines knowledge from multiple disciplines with the creative ideas of your employees, customers, clients and other stakeholders. This provides you and your organization with transparency, accountability and rapid learning. It also supports you in quickly being able to define, and implement innovative and sustainable approaches to meet changing markets and needs.

Explore the following pages for more information about our service areas and specific examples of our experience.

The Basics

Facilitation  Communication Strategies  Conflict Management, Mediation, and Consensus Building  Visioning and Scenario Planning  Story and Dialogue   Assessments and Evaluations

Environmental Sustainability

Adaptive Resource Management and Governance  Environmental Monitoring and Compliance  Performance Measures and Indicators  Environmental Policy Analysis  Environmental Dispute Resolution  All Hazard Planning  Growth Management  Shoreline Management  Water Resources  Energy and Environmental Management Systems  Human and Natural Systems Modeling  Cultural Resource Assessments  Environmental Education  Sustainable Travel and Tourism

Community Resilience

Collaboration Strategies  Governance  Community and Regional Planning  Public Outreach, Involvement and Education  Visioning and Community Consensus Building  Interest Based Negotiation  Joint Fact Finding  Shareholder and Customer Engagement   Risk Communications  Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Strategies  Social Networking

Organizational Innovation

Management Strategies  Organizational and Neutral Assessments  Cultural Change  Collaborative Decision Making  Strategic Planning  Organization Development  Leadership and Teambuilding  Communication Plans  Learning Histories  Corporate Social Responsibility Assessments and Metrics  Scenario Planning

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