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About Us


ECO Resource Group is an established woman-owned small business, experienced with a variety of types and sizes of projects. Our network of professional associates - peers in business, government, community engagement, and academia - provides you with an invaluable dynamic and highly effective resource to innovatively achieve and maintain sustainability and success.

Since 1983, our multidisciplinary teaming approach blends open collaboration with specialized expertise, creating a flexible, yet focused and responsive range of integrated consulting, research, coaching and training services. This approach models the collaboration, interdisciplinary teaming, and inclusiveness that stimulates and supports innovation and takes advantage of the full range of technical expertise, practical experience and deep understanding inherent in your business community.

ECO Team


Fundamental to our work is an adaptive cycle that includes the diligent and candid appraisal of each situation, strategic action, professional evaluation of techniques and results, and collaborative learning.

Our experience consistently reinforces that solving complex problems includes three aspects that must be addressed integrally.

  1. Environmental Landscapes that provide natural and social resources and context.
  2. Community Relationships between you and stakeholders, shareholders, customers, clients and public.
  3. Organizational Opportunities for responsive and effective governance and networks.

Understanding the interactions, whether for a project, program or business venture positions you to leverage emergent opportunities for building innovative, collaborative and resilient solutions. These interactions define the natural, human, cultural, institutional and industrial ecologies that frame productive and sustainable solutions.

The environment is the natural, social and technological landscape that surrounds, informs, and permeates our endeavors in organizations and communities. The effectiveness of business, critical infrastructure, key resources, and community development is dependent on understanding how external and internal landscapes and resources affect each other. Whether we are working with the protection and restoration of natural environments, the building of community well-being, or the development of sustainable organizations, it is critical to define, understand and integrate the appropriate environmental issues and boundaries.

The community is the network of individuals and groups who are affected by and effect projects, actions, products or decisions. These communities of place, interest, work, culture or value are made up of stakeholders, customers, employees, stockholders, neighborhood members, indigenous peoples and others with different perspectives and concerns, sometimes coalescing and sometimes diverging in a dynamic flow. Developing critical communications and strong formal and informal connections in such a dynamic landscape requires the development of trust, transparency and respect. This is accomplished by using tools and techniques such as assessments, communications, engagement, dialogue, dispute resolution, continual learning and capacity building.

Organizations are the framework used to manage the range of resources, people and projects. They can range in scale from neighborhood groups to multi-national corporations. They may be public or private, profit or non-profit. But they all need to be effective at framing their goals and objectives; working collaboratively with employees, stakeholders, shareholders, customers and clients; and developing long-term, sustainable strategies and processes that become sustainable actions.

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