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"Before we choose our tools and techniques, we must choose our dreams and values, for some technologies serve them and others make them unattainable."
- Tom Bender, Rain Magazine
Integrating Science, Technology and People

The nature of sustainable development is found in the appropriate integration of technology, ecology and people. ECO Resource Group integrates ecological, community and organizational services into a seamless toolkit for solutions. Our work provides clients with strategies for the sustainable use of natural and human resources, appropriate applications of technology, adaptive organizations, business development, and collaborative stakeholder relations.

The nature of sustainability reflects an understanding of how the tools for development (technology) match up with the resources and services available in the social or ecological environment to meet often competing needs. Ecosystem concepts are helpful in defining this relationship across local, regional, national and global scales. Also helpful is an understanding of natural, cultural and industrial ecology, which define loops and feedback processes. Critical understanding is needed of the scale and type of technology and issues of long-term maintenance, human and institutional capacity and training, sustainable funding, monitoring of effectiveness, and local knowledge and ingenuity. Sustainable systems benefit from collaboration among communities and technology experts, natural and cultural scientists, and financial institutions, supported by resilient and adaptive management and leadership.

ECO can help you understand the nature of sustainability by applying the tools of natural, social and management sciences to achieve integration of each element into innovative, long-term solutions.


  • Low Impact Development Policies and Practices
  • Appropriate Use of Alternative Energy
  • Greenhouse Gas Assessments
  • Small Business Sustainability Metrics
  • Building Environmental Systems Analysis
  • Organizational Needs Assessments for New and Remodeled Buildings
  • Green Building Policies and Practices
  • Energy Policy Analysis
  • Community Technological Capacity Building
  • Assessment of Technology Needs
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