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"ECO Resource Group provided well-organized, stimulating training to all levels of the organization, resulting in palpable cultural change, while infusing fresh insights as we proceeded along the path."
- City of Bainbridge Island

ECO provides customized training for businesses, government agencies, communities and non-profit groups in a variety of skills important to business sustainability, the success of government agencies, and the development of healthy communities. Our trainings recognize the adaptive nature of people and organizations and integrate the spirit of business and public service with the practical skills necessary to make a difference. Each training is built upon a complete curriculum that is customized to meet your specific needs.

Managing Change  Communications  Developing Collaboration  Transformational Leadership  Facilitation  Conflict Resolution  Work Process Design/Improvement  Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness  Risk Communications

Conference Training
Corporate Retreats

Conference Training

ECO conducts informative and highly interactive education and training sessions at conferences and events on a variety of subjects relevant to our mission and expertise:

Dialogue and Story as Tools for Deepening Understanding
Integrating Science and Collaboration in Water Management
Adaptive Management Tools and Techniques for Business and Government
Measuring the Effectiveness of Public Involvement
Collaboration for Planners, Engineers, Architects, Scientists and Other Professionals
Adaptive Management and Ecosystem Governance
Developing an Adaptive, Sustainable Organization

Corporate Retreats

ECO facilitates retreats from a few hours in length to several days for councilors, commissions, boards, staff and communities. To increase your effectiveness, we assist you in clarifying your purpose and goals for the investment you are making. We will also develop supporting documentation, including an annotated agenda for your review, and design activities that will support you in being able to reach your retreat goals.

ECO also offers interactive retreats that utilize the natural world as a basis for off-site team-building, leadership development, cultural diversity training, personal reflection and understanding the power of story to create innovation in your company. Integrating the ECO teamís diverse experience with training, coaching, ecotourism, sustainable travel, guiding, and nature-based education, our retreats are customized to meet your specific needs.

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Corporate Renewal Retreat

The Corporate Renewal Retreat offers nature-based learning opportunities to for-profit and non-profit organizations. The retreat has its roots in organization development, systems theory and ecopsychology. Its goal is to create an opportunity for organizations to learn about themselves without many of the barriers that emerge in more traditional settings; thereby, creating a unique opportunity for improved communications, organizational learning and creative problem solving.

This retreat is not a challenge course. However, it will require both corporate and self-reflection.
Corporate Renewal will provide you with a new framework for understanding complex organizational issues, clarifying the problems within your organization that you know or sense exist, understanding the role of natural and cultural systems in your business, and developing a plan of action. It can also assist you in setting goals and developing priorities, solidifying a team, defining values, and improving communication strategies.

You will also . . .

Learn how to assess your organizationís ability to respond to change and readiness so you can evolve with the challenges you encounter.

Evaluate the strengths of your organization and how effectively your organization communicates.

Determine if there is common understanding of your organizationís vision and values, and how your organization responds to stress.

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