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"ECO helped us build a partnership of 10 environmental organizations. Their skill and understanding of people, and group dynamics allowed us to successfully move from simply holding a meeting to creating an ongoing collaborative network."
- Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
Organizational Innovation

Organizations that are innovative, resilient and adaptive provide an ideal framework for managing environmental, social, business and development issues. Creating such learning organizations in any sector is the first step towards organizational sustainability. Advantages of learning organizations are their ability to find an appropriate balance between top-down and dispersed decision-making, closed and open information processes, and multiple ways of seeing the future. By integrating proven organization analysis and development tools with newer concepts of open-source design, complex systems analysis, and collaborative learning and decision-making, ECO helps you develop more sustainable, adaptive, and effective organizational systems.

Management Strategies  Organizational and Neutral Assessments  Cultural Change  Collaborative Decision Making  Strategic Planning  Organization Development  Leadership and Teambuilding  Communication Plans  Learning Histories  Corporate Social Responsibility Assessments and Metrics  Scenario Planning

Project Examples

Bainbridge Island Organizational Review, Action Plan and Ongoing Quality Improvement
City of Bainbridge Island New City Hall Organization Process Design
Coastal Zone Management Act Reauthorization Communications Strategy
EPA Region X Leadership Team Visioning and Alternative Futures
Hazel Dell Sewer District Organizational Development and Strategic Action Plan
Homeland Security Region 6 Rapid Response Network
Klamath River Basin Governance Structure
Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 17 Facilitation and Operations Evaluation
WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife Managers Retreat
Benefits and Retirement Office Strategic Planning and Staff Retreat

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