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"...ECO’s ability to ‘slice through the fog’ (is) exemplary. (They) bring good planning, enthusiasm and excellent communication skills to public awareness meetings and situations requiring adept negotiations."
- Washington Department of Ecology
Community Resilience

Community Resilience is a key factor in the stability of social-ecological systems. Characteristics of resilient systems include redundancy, diversity, efficiency, autonomy, strength, interdependence, adaptability, and collaboration. In the face of uncertain ecological, economic, political and social dynamics, change must be based on community-wide understanding of the issues, a willingness of all parties to commit to action, and collaborative solutions that recognize the challenges and opportunities of diverse perspectives. Sustainable community, business, or resource development in a highly interconnected world depends on community involvement, whether defined by geographical boundaries, common needs, markets, customers, social issues or other commonalities. Using these communities as a source for innovation leverages new opportunities.

ECO helps you develop the collaborative partnerships, common understanding, cohesion and flexibility required to foster innovation, resilience and sustainability in the face of uncertainty and change.

Collaboration Strategies  Governance  Community and Regional Planning  Economic Development Initiatives  Public Outreach, Involvement and Education  Visioning and Community Consensus-Building  Interest Based Negotiation  Joint Fact Finding  Shareholder and Customer Engagement  Risk Communications  Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Strategies  Social Networking

Representative Projects

Grays Harbor Communications and Interested Party Collaboration
Evaluation of Consultations and Relations Between Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP) and the Yurok, Hoopa and Tolowa Tribes
Alki Community Council Visioning
Interstate-90 Redevelopment
Department of Drinking Water Tabletop Exercises
EPA/State of Idaho CERCLA Mediation
VietNam Port Development and Expansion
WA State Dept. of Health Risk Communications
Benton County/City of Richland Hazard Mitigation Planning
South Park and Delridge Neighborhood Planning, including Longfellow Creek Cards
Community Recovery and Community Resilience Modeling
City of Seattle Waterfront Planning

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