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"In a highly interconnected world, both local application of global knowledge and global recognition of local solutions are essential."
- David Sale
Managing for Sustainability, Resilience and Change

In the face of uncertainty or change, planning for sustainability is the key to achieving resilience. Whether you are part of a business, community, or public agency, managing for resilience is best framed holistically with a multi-disciplinary perspective. ECO integrates its full range of ecological, community and organizational services into a seamless toolkit of solutions and strategies to assist you. The toolkit supports the sustainable use of natural and human resources, appropriate use of technology, adaptive organizations, and collaborative relationships among stakeholders, through management systems that leverage diversity, inclusiveness and flexibility, while maintaining the strength of effective leadership and scaled decision-making.

Please contact us to find out how our services can be customized to enhance sustainability and resilience for your project, community or enterprise.

Adaptive Ecosystem and Resource Management
The Ecology of BusinessTM
Public Agency Capacity Building and Governance

Adaptive Ecosystem and Resource Management

Adaptive Ecosystem Management (AEM) is broadly defined as a system for responding to changes in scientific knowledge, community needs, and institutional capacity to assess, evaluate and manage natural ecosystems and human interactions. More specifically, it involves experimentation with ecosystem parameters and policy choices. By combining science with the governance structures used to fund and implement actions that accommodate the needs of diverse stakeholders, AEM promotes resilience in both cultural and natural systems.

ECO provides you with skilled and innovative resources for integrating ecological, social and management sciences with policy requirements, community needs, and the political landscape. Our unique breadth and depth of experience allows us to hone in on important details and interactions within social-ecological systems. An iterative learning framework will help you to improve how the complexities and uncertainties of science and people are managed. The framework also helps you determine which organizational and governance structures can sustainably support your project, program, business or community environmental relationship and goals, providing appropriate, locally based, technically sound, collaborative and sustainable environmental strategies. Our work can help you manage for resiliency and sustainability, embracing change as an integral part of the Nature of Innovation.


  • Development, Coordination, and Review of Monitoring and Implementation Programs
  • Human and Natural Systems Modeling
  • Public Communication, Education, And Engagement
  • Social and Ecological Systems Modeling
  • Cultural Resource Assessments (Internal and External)
  • Integrating Local and Traditional Ecological Knowledge with Scientific Investigation
  • Organizational Assessment and Development of Resource Governance Structures
  • Strategic and Scenario Planning for Environmental Programs
  • Alternative Environmental Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Consensus Building
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Personal and Organizational Capacity Building

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The Ecology Of BusinessTM

ECO provides integrated management approaches for business that build leadership capacity for effective innovation with the use of appropriate technologies, stakeholder, shareholder, client and community values and capacity, corporate and public policy, and environmental sustainability. The Ecology of Business™ uses an integrated set of tools to reconnect businesses with their own Nature of Innovation and Sustainability. Results include effective use of natural and human resources; enhanced opportunities to blend communities, cultures and management styles; and new opportunities through partnerships between shareholders, employees, customers, communities, other businesses and public agencies. Through assessments, evaluations, group and individual learning, we help you understand the ecology of your business and how it interacts within your business ecosystems.


  • Organization Assessments and Surveys
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Assessments and Metrics
  • Stakeholder, Shareholder, and Customer Engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Capacity, Leadership and Team Building
  • Scenario Planning
  • Institutional Ecology
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Corporate RenewalTM Retreats

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Public Agency Capacity Building And Governance

Public agencies, as well as private businesses, require healthy, sustainable and resilient organizational systems. From reinventing government initiatives to adaptive management, organizational tools are being applied to public agencies and non-profits to make them more efficient and customer-oriented. While many of the tools used for private business can be applied to public sector organizations, a clear understanding of the differences between business and government allow ECO to appropriately apply the tools that support the successful implementation of projects, programs and policies for each client.

ECO is a strategic partner when public agencies think through critical organizational questions such as:

  • values and ethics
  • budgets and competing priorities
  • long-term strategies
  • natural resource management and environmental protection
  • emergency management and contingency planning
  • public policy and community involvement
  • human resource issues and requirements

Our extensive public sector experience allows us to apply organizational tools that develop effective organizational systems that maximize performance while meeting the needs of both internal staff and external stakeholders. Our successes include public agencies and private businesses for which we have facilitated and managed change, created high performance teams and developed learning organizations capable of adapting to new initiatives and regulations. For example, ECO works frequently with environmental and resource agencies to develop sustainable collaborative processes between various levels of government, businesses, Tribes or First Nations, and other stakeholders.


  • Neutral Organization Assessments
  • Organization and Governance Structures
  • Sustainability Assessments
  • Cultural Change Programs
  • Process Improvement
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Scenario Planning
  • Strategic Action Planning
  • Management Consulting
  • Workshops and Retreats
  • Individual, Team and Organizational Coaching
  • Team Building Exercises

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